Kalindi aluminium umbrellas offer a solid and efficient protection from the sun and rain. You can choose between our three models which are: The Martini, the Felicia and the Venezia. You can also choose the size of your umbrella, the fabric and of course the color. That way you can create an umbrella that will fit yourd esired area perfectly. The umbrellas are suitable for gardens, pool lounges, cafeterias, restaurants, hotels and much more.


An important and much needed outdoor accessory that gives your pool area and garden a different and unique look with a posh vibe. Available in Wood-Steel-Aluminium and in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Pool Pillows

The most fun, durable and elegant floating pillow for the pool or lounging area. The PoolPillow is perfect if you are searching for something unique that will add style and create a trendy vibe to your pool and outside entertainment area. It comes in multiple colors and patterns.

“The PoolPillow is designed to rule the pool.”


Kalindi’s outdoor furniture are unique and can add style to any outdoor environment. Made with durable materials, they are guaranteed to totally transform your outdoor space. Offered in different designs and colors. You are able to view the entire collection at the Kalindi showroom.

Fire Bowls

Our fire bowls are ideal for creating a warm and cozy ambience outdoors. Perfect for relaxation and peaceful indulgence of your garden at night.

Available in different sizes.

Outdoor Audio

Our company provides the best high-quality outdoor speakers for your needs. Our outdoor speaker systems can be customized to give you the type of sound quality you want at your pool party or backyard BBQ. These permanent audio fixtures are specially designed to be resistant to water, heat and the other elements of nature.


Kalindi company can offer you a variety of options and ways to advertise your business through items such as PoolPillows, umbrellas, BeanBags, BeanBeds, chairs, towels and more. These are items specifically made from the best and durable materials. They are sure to help you create memorable impressions for your business. The Kalindi Company can help you achieve exceptional advertising for your brand.



A Little Intro

Kalindi company specializes in modern and fashionable outdoor accessories.

Our vision is to offer you the best, one of a kind items that are guaranteed to elevate your area.

 After serious and careful studies in this field we have come up with our own specifications and designs by collaborating with recognized companies from all over the world. We ensure that our stylish and luxurious products  will leave the best impressions. Our collections consist of Umbrellas, Sunbeds, PoolPillows, Bean Beds, Bean Bags, Outdoor furniture, Pillows, Towels and much more.  Also through Kalindi’s products you can achieve a successful and unique advertising for your brand.


Our showroom it’s a modern structure place with a well-organized placement of products where you can view our collections, examine everything and discuss together your options based on your needs. We are able also to give you designs ideas for your outdoor space.


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